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The Winstub

Next to our traditional restaurant, you will discover the warm and cozy atmosphere of our “Winstub”, which has a capacity of 30 covers.

The “Winstub” is a traditional and important element of the Alsatian culture. Literally translated, “Winstub” means "wine room". “Winstub’s” used to be a place where the surplus of the wine production was served all day long with small simple and typically Alsatian dishes. Nowadays, the word “Winstub” refers to a traditional pub where you can find the authentic flavors of the Alsatian gastronomy. The equivalent for the beer also exists, it is called “Bierstub”.

We propose you in our “Winstub” :
   -  Every days continuously dishes from 7 AM until 10 PM.
   -  Today’s special from Monday to Friday.

Today’s special from Monday to Friday on Facebook

Take a look into our online Winstub menu : Winstub Wissembourg

Winstub Wissembourg