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Access for people with reduced mobility

Welcoming customers from all walks of life, we indeed take into account the diversity of our customers.

We also want to assure an accessible quality of service and a comfort to all.

Equipments, arrangements and specific signals were also set up to allow the people with reduced mobility or in situation of handicap to facilitate their movements within the Hotel.

Indeed, the main hall of the hotel as well as the restaurant, the Winstub and the two terraces are at the same level as the parking.

Our Hotel counts two officially approved rooms, which can receive disabled people and people with reduced mobility.

Situated just in front of the main entrance of the hotel, two parking spaces are also reserved to the customers of the hotel with reduced mobility or being in situation of handicap. Moreover, a specific drawing on the ground aims at guiding the customer towards the main entrance.

The reception desk is specially adapted to facilitate your interactions with the reception staff.

However an elevator also allow facilitates the access to the the three floors of the hotel: Allowing the customers to have access to the garden level (the toilets, the sauna, the meeting room and the playroom), the reception and the different floors where the rooms are.